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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Configuring SFTP with Metalogix Replicator

Configure Replicator

To replicate content from external lists, configure Replicator normally. The SharePoint list that accesses the external data source must be included in the Replication Map Family.

Configure Replicator to access the external data source as follows:

1.Create an event settings XML file with the following contents:

<EventSettings Version="1.0" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">

 <ReplicationEvent EventName="Syntergy.Replicator.EventHandlers.ListItemEvent" EventId="0">

   <EventSetting Name="IncludeWebParts" Enabled="true">True</EventSetting>

   <EventSetting Name="ColumnMatchSettings" Enabled="true">



         <ColumnMatchSetting ListId="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" ListTitle="ReplaceWithListTitle" ColumnName="ReplaceWithColumnName" />




 <ReplicationEvent EventName="Syntergy.Replicator.EventHandlers.ListEvent" EventId="100">

   <EventSetting Name="IncludeEmailSettings" Enabled="true"/>


 <ReplicationEvent EventName="Syntergy.PresentationPublisher.EventHandlers.SiteNavigationUpdateEvent" EventId="9010">

   <EventSetting Name="IncludeGroups" Enabled="true">True</EventSetting>

   <EventSetting Name="MergeListsInNavigation" Enabled="true">False</EventSetting>



2.Edit the event settings file as follows:

a.Enter the GUID for the source list in the ListId field or enter the title of the list in the ListTitle field.

b.Enter the name of a column that uniquely identifies the source data row. We recommend using the table's primary key, if it exists.

c.Save the XML file on the source server.

3.Add the event settings file to the map family by running the following PowerShell command:

PS> Add-ReplicatorEventSettings �Url http://sourcewebapp
�LoadPath C:\Documents\EventSettings.xml �MapFamily "Replication Map Family"

Replace the values for each argument with the corresponding values for your environment.

For more information on PowerShell commands, see the Metalogix Replicator Command-line Operations Guide.

Replicator is now configured to replicate content from the source external list.

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