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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Configuring SFTP with Metalogix Replicator

Activation Process

1.Install the Metalogix product normally. On the activation page, enter the key and select the option for an offline activation.

2.Copy the activation data to your clipboard.
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3.Start the License Server Tester and click Encode/Decode.

4.Paste the activation data from step 2 into the window and click Decode.

5.Note the ClientVersion that's decrypted. This is the license version used by the product.

6.Copy the Activation URL (listed under the Activation Request) to a web browser that has internet access.

7.Paste the license key, a comma, a space, and the license version from step 5 and click Activate.

8.Download the activation text as a file and save it on the server where you are installing the product. If you will be sending this file to a customer, then rename it to end with .txt.

9.Load the response file into the product installer or configuration wizard where you started this process in step 1. You can now successfully activate the product.

After completing these steps, you have confirmed the following work together:

·Product version.

·License key.

·Activation data.

These three can be communicated to the customer for their own activations.


NOTE: only the exact combination will work together. The activation data may also expire, so it's best to test this shortly before the customer will install.



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