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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.9.1 - Release Notes

Metalogix® Essentials for Office 365 2.9.1


Release Notes

January 2022

These release notes provide information about the Metalogix® Essentials for Office 365 release.

·New Features

·Resolved Issues

·Known Issues

·Version History

·System Requirements

·Product Licensing

·Third Party Contributions


New features


·The conversion of a classic Team Site (STS#0) to a modern Team Site (STS#3) is now optional. (It will remain a classic Team Site by default).

·An incremental or delta copy can be run for an existing run from an existing job without the need to create a new project.

·For List/Library and File/Item Folder level copies, validation has been added when the Incremental copy option is selected to ensure the Last (time period) field is completed.

·Video content migration support has been added for Asset libraries (template 851) for Azure migrations.


Copy/Paste Migration in Hyper Mode

Implemented the ability to migrate sites, lists, or items using hyper mode through copy/pasting via the Navigator.

Hyper Mode Scripting

Updates made which provide additional parameters in hyper mode scripts.

Filtering for Multiple Values

Enhancements made which allow for filtering on multiple values.

SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online in Hyper Mode

·Full update/new logic for un-marshalling Export API Manifest Files.

·Added support to preserve INT ID for items and folders when performing Drives Migration via Azure.

·Enhancement for Columns (Location etc.) and Content Type Copy (renamed columns and content types).

·Added support for Teams and Groups Sites as target when doing Drives SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online.

·Added support for German tenant, Updated logic for GCCH tenants.

·Refactoring with Pages: added Post Modern Pages, improved logic for links modification, improved logic for Wiki and Webparts copy.


Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.



Work Item #

Customer Issue #

Site columns metadata is now migrated successfully from SPO to SPO.



The issue with OneNote files not being copied when performing a File Share to SPO has been resolved by having those files added to folders prior to migration.  Essentials will migrate folders containing the OneNotes files; however, these folders cannot be opened in SharePoint



The issue with a subsite list manage metadata column not being linked term set after migration from SPO to SPO has been resolved.



The issue with Copy File Share to SharePoint Online actions failing to produce a status report if the root is Drive has been resolved.





Work Item #

Customer Issue #

Updated filter logic to resolve 403 error caused when setting up admin accounts without Multi-Factor Authentication.



Resolved issue where Managed Metadata Column data was not migration.



Added support for the preservation of INT ID when copying items via Azure in order to prevent the copying of duplicate items and files.



Resolved auto-mapping issue which caused source content types to not properly copy.



Resolved issue where Essentials was unable to update Modern Page thumbnails after migration. Resolved by updating internal URLS in Web Parts when performing SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online URL migration.



Resolved SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online migration error by removing the filtering when checking sites on target.



Resolved issue where unable to migrate content from OneDrive to OneDrive using the Navigator.



Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those issues attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

·Nintex Forms/Workflow app should be installed before a list/library migration.

·Copy Nintex Forms is supported only as part of “Copy Site as Existing Site” because Nintex Forms app should be installed before site migration. Installation of O365 App at "Copy Site as new Site" or "Promote to New Site collection" is not supported as Microsoft does not allow automatic app installation in the tenant during site creation.

·out of place restore from Backups works inside one tenant only.

·Delete action does not remove snapshot from a hyper backup project stored on Amazon Storage with Custom Endpoint.

·Nintex Form migration is not available as part of Hyper Migration.

·Claims Connection goes to loop in some environments and the connection cannot be finished as a result.

·Modern page migration is part of groups to groups migration. For more limitations please refer to backlog Item #422888

·Migrating Chinese to Chinese tenancy:  

oAzure turbo does not work, as Microsoft does not support Azure containers in the Chinese tenant. As a result, Hyper mode migrations and backups work without Azure turbo.

oEnterprise file systems like Box, Dropbox and Google drives do not work in China.

·Migration of Various Template types is limited


GCC High Tenant migration:

oOnly works using OAuth connections

oBackup does not work

oOld type Script creation is not working, as there is no support for the OAuth connection type

Proxy Setting:

oBox, Dropbox and Google Drive do not support the use of PAC proxy

oConnection to AWS with PAC is not supported

·Provisioning of personal OneDrive's does not work when using the OAuth connection type.

·Migrating one large file of more than 10 GB results in the tool failing to read all the versions and failing to migrate using Azure.

Google Shared Drives:

oIndividual file/folder share permissions are not preserved upon migration.

oGoogle Shared Drives membership can be copied to Office 365 only when OAuth is enabled.

Language Migration

·Same Language Migration (ex: Italian to Italian)

oDuring new site collection creation we cannot create a new site in the default language present on the source tenant. The new site will always be created in English if the site is not found during migration.

·SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migration

o​​Custom doc template setting is not preserved as it does not work with tokens​

oNo admin pooling when connected via claims.​

oMaster page gallery is not supported.

oLookup will work in Synchronous mode 

·Migration of various template type limitation is mentioned in a Scenario Guide Article.

High Level Report

·Claims is not supported for farm connections

SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online

·Custom document template settings are not preserved as they do not work with tokens

·No admin pooling when connected via claims

·Master page gallery is not supported

·Lookup will work in Synchronous mode

·The following are not supported structures for Migration 

·Not Supported:

oCopy Site Theme/change the look 

oCopy Master Pages Gallery 

oCopy Custom Doc Template 

oColumns and Content Types:

oColumn Settings (Hidden/Required/Optional) are not supported for migration. 

oAdditional Column Settings (Description, Validation, Column Formatting, etc.) are not supported for migration. 



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