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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.8 - User Guide

Tool Overview
General Tool Configuration Profile Manager Proxy Mode Azure Turbo and CSOM Creating User Mapping Creating User and Template Reports Support and Troubleshooting Activation Modes of Migration
Home Tab Migration Analysis Tab Migrator Tab
Interface Connect to Resources Copy Sites Live Compare Copy Lists and Libraries Copy, Move, and Tag SharePoint Content Copy Alerts In-Place Tagging of SharePoint Items Incremental and Delta Copy Forms Migration Workflow Migration Save Site to XML
File Manager Tab Drives Tab
Interface Overview Migration Job Structure Connecting to Resources Copy Google Drive Copy File Share Copy My Sites to OneDrive for Business Copy Tenant Copy Box Copy Dropbox Nintex Deployment
Security Manager Tab Term Store Manager Tab Administrator Tab Backup Tab
Interface Overview Backup Job Structure Advanced Search Retention Policies Storage for Backup Import/Export Backup Archives Connecting to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business Connecting to Cloud Storage Hyper vs Classic Backup Setup Hyper SharePoint Online Backup Hyper OneDrive Backup Hyper Office 365 Groups Backup Smart Backup Classic SharePoint Online Backup Classic OneDrive Backup Classic Office365 Groups Backup Classic Mailbox Backup Change Properties for Backup Admin Management Scheduling Backup Jobs Backup Project Conversion
Help Tab View Tab Architect Tab Public Folders for SharePoint Tab Informant Tab Scripts Appendix


The application consists of two primary panes and one optional pane: (1) Navigator, (2) Hyper Migration/Contents/Progress, (3) Connections. A set of wizards is automatically generated when items or objects are tagged, copied or moved.

An additional method for executing many migration and replication activities is through the use of the Live Compare! feature. See the Live Compare! for additional information on this feature.

Migrator Interface 1


NOTE: We have found this to be the ideal configuration, but the individual panes may be rearranged, minimized or maximized.

Navigator Pane

The objects displayed in the Navigator area are limited to sites, sub-sites, lists and libraries. Double-clicking on any of the sites, lists or libraries will trigger the application to display the content for that object. In addition, a set of options is available from the right-click menus.

Migrator Interface 2

Migrator Interface 3

Site Level Right-Click Menu

List Level Right-Click Menu

Hidden Lists

To expose hidden lists (e.g. the Master Page Gallery) in the Navigator Pane, right click on the "Lists" node and choose the "Hidden Lists" option. After this is enabled, you will see the hidden lists for this location.

Migrator Interface 4

Contents Area

The Content area displays the actual data inside a list or library. In addition to navigation the user can create, delete, classify and drag and drop content in bulk from this window
Migrator Interface 5

·In order to select (or deselect) multiple items located directly below each other, click on the first item and then holding the SHIFT key, click on the last item. All the files located between the two items will be highlighted.

·In order to select (or deselect) multiple items which are not located next to each other, hold down the CTRL key and select individual files.

Located in the top left-hand corner is a breadcrumb definition of the list or library, whose files are represented in the window. The top right corner contains a set of icons that represent available activities for the user. Most of these options can be exposed by right-clicking on items inside the window. The list of available activities will depend on what is selected or not selected in the contents window.

Permissions Window

A set of windows is displayed within the content pane area and is designed to display permissions, groups and levels used within a specific site, list or item.  The windows may be accessed by doing the following:

·Site Level - right-clicking on a site and select Permissions, followed by the appropriate permissions options you wish to access (Show Permissions, Show Permission Levels)
Migrator Interface 6

·List Level - right-click on list, Objects and Show Permissions
Migrator Interface 7

·Item Level - right-click on an item and select Show Permissions  
Migrator Interface 8

Similar to content, users will be able to select one or more of these objects and copy them from one place to another.

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