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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.7 - SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migration

Frequently Asked Questions and Scenarios

Here is a collection of questions and scenarios that users have sent us over the years.

Q:  How many copies of Essentials for Office 365 can I run at one time?  Is there a performance benefit?

A:  You can run as many copies (instances) as your host system can support, however it is important to understand the host’s limitations (CPU, memory, hard disk space, network bandwidth) before running additional instances.  While it can provide a performance increase, the preferred approach would be to run parallel operations within the same, single instance of Essentials as resources can be conserved and allocated as required.

Q:  Does running more than one copy of Essentials for Office 365 cause instability?

A:  It can if the host computer runs low on system resources.  When Windows runs low on resources (memory, disk space, etc.) this software like any other can become unstable or unresponsive.  If you plan to run multiple, concurrent instances please be conscious of the resource availability on the host.

Q:  For memory allocation, how much is enough?  How much is too much?

A:  For maximum performance, as much as you can allocate using the following guidelines.  Do not exceed 50% of the total physical memory in the host.  If the host machine has 8GB of total memory, do not allocate more than 4GB to Essentials.  And remember, if you run 2 instances of Essentials configured with 4GB of memory, then you may actually consume a total of 8GB which is 100% of the host’s total resources.  

This can and probably will lead to instability.

Q:  How many parallel operations can I run in a single instance?  Is there a performance gain from this configuration?

A:  Similar to running several copies of Essentials, a performance gain is certainly possible.  Multi-threaded operations like these are the preferred method since the software can better handle the resource consumption of the host.  You still need to be conscious of the total resource availability, however the software will not consume more than what it has been configured.

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