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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.7 - Performance Optimization Guide

Move Backup project to another location

If you are using the Local Backup options, your content is, by default, backed up to the Essentials workspace.  The workspace is generally located in
C:\Users\ [Current User]\Essentials.

If you wish to move the location of a backup, please do the following:

1.Find the current location of the backup in the Backup Information Panel.

2.Using Windows Explorer, for classic backups, copy the folders that start with ARCHIVE to a new location. for hyper backups, copy folders that start with HBACKUP to a new location.  
move backup project 2

3.If the Backup project is already in the Backup Navigator within the Essential's tool, remove it from Backup Navigator by right clicking and selecting Delete.
move backup project 4

4.When the delete pop-up appears, Do not select the "remove backup project from storage" option and click Ok.
move backup project 3

5.In the Backup Ribbon, select the Import from Local option.
move backup project 5

6.In the provided Window select the new project's location from which to import, and give the project an Original Project Name.
move backup project 1

7.Press Finish



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