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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.7 - Performance Optimization Guide

Migration and Backup Options (less can be more)

Like most people who are presented with a series of checkbox options, I tend to check them all, unless of course there is a cost associated to them.  However, when trying to squeeze out every last bit of optimization from a backup or migration you should be aware that the more options included, the more operations and processing that takes places and unfortunately the longer it will take to complete.  Therefore, it is important to understand all the available options, what they are designed to do and whether or not they are critical to the success of your project.  If they are not, then you may consider leaving a few unchecked (as much as this may pain you to do so).

Here is a small list of a few options that can take a considerable amount of time to complete:

Design and Master Page customizations (migration)

Include All Mailboxes or Include All OneDrive for Business sites (backup)

Include All Versions (migration and backup).

Item level permissions (migration or backup)

SharePoint Designer Objects (migration)  

Network Recommendations

Continuing on to the next part takes us to your network, which in most cases can mean your internet connection.  If you are migrating to or backing up from Office 365 then all that data is obviously traveling through your internet connection.  If you have a maximum download or upload connection through your Internet Service Provider of 10Mbps, then it is not realistic to expect you will have any performance or throughput greater than that number. Time tables and expectations need to be set appropriately based on how much data can be uploaded or downloaded using the internet connection provided.

Off Peak

Because highly optimized migrations and backups can and will consume as much network traffic as they are allowed, it is important to understand what level of impact this may have on your business during normal hours.  If you are attempting a migration during peak business hours, there may not be enough bandwidth available to maximize performance or worse it may consume precious little bandwidth available and have a negative impact on your daily business operations.  Therefore, time of day as well as network considerations should be taken into account before any operation is started.  If you want to take full advantage of your network or internet connection, then scheduling for off peak or after hour is ideal and strongly recommended.

Firewalls and Load Balancers

Earlier on we briefly discussed hurdles and obstacles between source, host and destination and the potential impact they may have on moving content.  The more that stands between these systems, the more time and potential negative impact it will have on throughput.  While we are not suggesting to open your network “free and clear” to the internet, we are recommending that you bypass or add exceptions to as many of these hurdles as safely as possible.  It can be quicker and more efficient to go around a firewall or balancer then through it in some configurations.  As always, consult with your IT department first before making any changes.

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