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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Release Notes

Version History

Resolved issues from previous versions are listed below.

Version 2.3

This version of Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 introduces the following features:


Migrating Nintex Forms

Implemented the ability to migrate Nintex forms, as part of a site collection or list, from SharePoint On-prem (2013 and 2016) to Online.

Migrating Office 365 Tenant to Tenant

Implemented feature which allows O365 groups, within a SharePoint site, to be migrated from tenant to tenant.

Assessment Report

Implemented feature that allows users to create assessment reports for Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. This feature will allow users to analyze the size and number of folders and files associated with each user. This in turn will give users the opportunity to queue up their migrations based on the size of each user's account.

Email Notification

Implemented ability to send email notifications after hyper migration jobs are completed.

Migrating OneNote from One Drive to One Drive

Implemented ability to migrate OneNote file from One Drive to One Drive.

Backup Deletion

Implemented new feature which allows users to setup automatic deletion of backups stored on the drive.

Admin Pooling

Implemented ability to add additional administrator accounts when Migrating to and from One Drive.

Mailbox Backup

Implemented new feature which allows users to enable and disable the mailbox backup feature.

User Interface

Updates made to tabs (functionality visibility) within the product - Informant, Public Folders, and Architect are now only accessible by selecting the arrows near the "Help" tab.

Update Notifications

Update notification are now available for the Essentials product.


Fixed Issues


Work Item

Resolved issue where the deletion of a migration job from the GUI, deletes the corresponding log files.


Resolved OneDrive Sharing/Linking Issue.


Resolved issue where restoring files from Hyper Backup was not restoring the documents with the correct versions.


Resolved issue where Backup Summary Reports were not running, or providing any data.


Resolved issue where Office 365 Groups were not migrating correctly from one tenant to another.


Resolved issue where restoring from Hyper Backup did not restore documents to libraries where Require Checkout was enabled.


Resolved issue where One Drive Backup, when updated, did not show the Source URL.


Resolved issue where One Drive to One Drive wizard did not have the option to add Global Admin Accounts.


Resolved issue where user permissions that existed on the target were not being migrated during migration from DropBox to OneDrive.


Resolved issue where Load from CSV was taking too long to load users (even 1 user).


Resolved issue where Project Backup resume was not working, but rather starting from the backup from the beginning.


Resolved issue where no logs were present in the Azure Turbo logs in Essentials.


Resolved issue where the time was off by 8 hours when migrating from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online.


Resolved issue where files were not being migrated in folders that contained supported special characters.


Resolved issue where there was a date difference after Migration.


Resolved issue where Migrating a task list with both parent and sub tasks was not working as expected.


Resolved issue where Remove User Permissions was not working as expected.


Resolved issue where Create User Specific Log file for DropBox to OneDrive migration was not creating a log file on the target.


Resolved issue where Running Collect Data option under Administrator Tab throws java.lang.NullPointerException error.


Resolved issue where the Log Viewer in the Backup Tab did not show any logs for Scheduled backups.


Resolved issue with migrated users not seeing "Shared with me" documents.


Resolved issue where Time stamps are different from the source file after copying Google Drive to SharePoint Online.


Version 2.2.3

This version of Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 introduces the following features:


OneDrive to OneDrive Hyper Migration

Implemented new settings and features which now allow Hyper Migration to support OneDrive to OneDrive migration.

Proxy Configuration for Hyper Migration

Documentation workaround provide which allows users to set proxy to be automatically turned on used through the implementation of a script which changes the configuration of the tool.


Fixed Issues


Work Item

Resolved issue where One Drive to One Drive Wizard does not migrate new items added on source in second and subsequent runs.

411743, 411745

Resolved issue where Version History on items with Managed Metadata columns was not preserved when migrated using Azure.


Resolved issue where the Remove User Permissions function was not working as expected.


Resolved issue where when Migrating from DropBox to OneDrive, user permissions that exist on the target were not being migrated.


Resolved issue where Hyper Backup Download does not download all versions and does not allow download of multiple items.


Resolved issue where PDF files were not deleted when Delete item(s) from source is selected.


Resolved issue where the Essentials solution only loaded the first 1000 groups.


Resolved issue where migrating from Box to OneDrive was not migrating shared files and folders.


Resolved issue where migrated users were not seeing "Shared with me" documents.


Version 2.2.0

This version of Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 introduces the following features:


Auto Resume for Hyper Backup and Hyper Migration

A new option will help to start automatically another copy, backup or restore round if the correct job was fixed with the connection to Office 365 issues.

Admin Pooling for Hyper Backup and Hyper Migration

New functionality will allow you to prove the set of Office 365 administrators to solve throttling issue during migration or backup job.

Send Email Notification for Hyper Backup

Use send an email notification when you want to get mail with mail info about finished backup jobs.

SharePoint 2019  

Added support for On-premise SharePoint 2019 as source and target locations.

Retention Policy for Hyper Backup projects

Will help to manage and automatically delete outdated snapshots in hyper backup projects.

View Properties and Change Properties for Hyper Backup projects

Check and modify hyper backup project properties according to new requirements.  

Update password for Hyper Backup projects.  

Update password in the backup project when the old one has expired or updated.

Download compressed zip files from backup projects

The new option will allow getting files from backup to zip files and work with them separately.

Amazon Storages with Custom End Point

Amazon Storage with Custom Endpoint is supported for hyper backup projects.


Fixed Issues


Work Item

Folder Core properties preserving when coping library to certain SharePoint Online Locations using Turbo Azure.


Modified by values preserving when coping content to certain SharePoint Online Locations using CSV file.


Performance with reading from big google accounts to Office 365 Locations when coping content using hyper migration.


Discovering accounts on tenant with big number of users when coping OneDrives to OneDrives.


Proxy applying when connection to Dropbox using token.


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