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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Creating a Backup

Deployment Location

Earlier in the Architecture section we outlined how Essentials for Office 365 sits “between” source and destination repositories, but that may not always be the optimal deployment.  Although Essentials operates as a “no server side” install piece of software, there may be instances when installing it to your source or destination server or SharePoint WFE may provide a substantial performance increase.  If you reference the Architecture diagram, you will notice the data flows from source through Essentials (on the host) and then ultimately to the destination, but what if Essentials was deployed on to the source or destination directly?  That would minimize one entire network transfer from the operation leading to a more direct source to destination content move.  As you can imagine, in some environments this can lead to very impressive performance gains and if possible, one of our more strongly recommended configurations.

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