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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

User Impressions

User Impressions is a view in the Service Manager application (license required) that displays information about a specific user's consumption and usage across various services within their Office 365 tenant.  More than just a view, some parameters can be edited and all information can be exported to an Excel file or generated using a script.

To generate a User Impression, please follow these steps:

1.Open any view that contains the user whose impression needs to be generated (for example, Office 365 Users)

2.Select the user, right click and select User Impressions.
user impressions 1

3.Enter your Global Admin user and password in the browser popup when it appears and click Sign In.

4.After a few moments, the User Impression should appear populated with this selected user's information.

You may also generate the User Impression report using a Script or Schedule by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the dialog.  Due to the APIs that are used, it is recommended that you use the Generate Script function on this dialog first, so the required refresh token can be made available.  Once the refresh token is available, it can be used for all other User Impression scripts until it expires (approximately 6 months).

metavis -cmd impressions -userLogin -refreshToken AQABAAAAAADRNYRQ3dhRSrm-8K-adpCJnUq4kfSrydu9vNSAg6gs6fbCYFr5RKd776shS5nlLxbJAGHKAv-06UIfkH0qY1vNVIRSnyDtl7i3QHoZhe2CunEBlAy85-BfdiobXEKL6pTxzoZ1FW049-dkvdvXc0gJG0N-eqNG8FDezEMX4EL3hO3mtjI4bNhOQm2eJ41i7Cb21BhtWIy12NpiipPH9x5LXqndsVvh5cRwN1AjCggyCkzNiyHKfCxo6b7QQpH0tz4Fmbo3QjLoHFPQ6zk7xkgzkMF6gv_V-phMIa2kyqTSsxJe1lgIGuBw3MiPuHbH8g0qulDkt0liII3CHAj1-vN0HglaUWbI3hytcI_lVK2VYKlITaBv1MALjVHut5lFpsLpLkIKPiJxz8HoNxXUKr9lEtt5MSZ9ZcYmHzyFOS3xrc1U_kkj4aNANjcWkIRhxMdt_OhVvZl5F7ew2RVTCNU4x-5FBs-N0o_X3AW6QA98NGMq8nY0lLW2AoCiXgkq2XUjxIddvq7B9nL4GmCNMBtPABGhQGc3XNVm-FjfDS5gKbfm1fejPxE0c1YreSzOV8Ku5p79a0gvOFmaNL7m1UV-QWU_wR_I20NdJCi50eRIDsnU9H1CUppag27ci6ml3ubZUZ_S3FdyZQmFyCbzNmouSA7BHMHqNsdTRm4z_tjlJG_HF3XcS77OrGrhu8zPnB4gAA -path "C:\Output\userImpression.xlsx" -srcuser "" -srcepass "encryptedPassword" -log 'C:\Output\output.xml' -noSplash

The browser authentication and refresh token for scripts is required for the Group Membership information.  If you choose to not provide either, the User Impression will still be functional but it will not contain Group Membership information.

More than just a view, some functionality is provided to edit or update certain values.  If text is written in blue font, there is a drop-down arrow, an Edit icon or Remove/Delete icon, you may select any of these to perform an update to this parameter.  When the value has been modified from its original, the following visual indicators will be present:

·If a text or choice field has been modified, the label will appear in bold font

·If a user(s) has been added to a group or been granted permissions, their name will appear in green font.

·If a user(s) has been removed from a group or had permissions revoked, their name will appear in red font.

Once all changes have been made, please click the Finish button to update the required Office 365 services or Cancel to close the dialog without making any updates.


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