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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Unsupported Objects for Migrating Google Drive to Office 365

The following Google Drive objects and scenarios are not supported when migrating to OneDrive for Business.

·Content scenarios

oContent within or shared from a user account which is currently in a "Suspended" state.

oContent that is linked, synchronized or referenced in a second or more Google Drive folders will be copied as individual, discrete files to each of their respective locations in OneDrive for Business.  Their linked, synchronized or referenced configuration from Google will not be maintained and duplicate files may therefore be created in OneDrive for Business.

§To prevent duplicate files from being created, the option "Include First Reference File Only" has been added. When this option is enabled only the first returned reference of these linked files will be migrated.  All other references will be skipped and an appropriate message will be added to the log file as shown below:

"Skipped copying /GoogleDriveObjectPath because it is another reference object to a file and the option to include only the first reference was selected."

oDocuments within a user's Google Drive that are owned by this user, but are not "Shared From" this user (this is related to the prior use of Google's "Transfer Ownership" function) will be skipped.  This logic applies to documents only, folders will still be migrated.

·Folder colors

·Google Forms

·Google My Maps and other connected Apps

·Google Photos

·Inline file comments (November 11, 2016 update: inline file comments now supported for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides only)

·"Link sharing" settings are not retained

oThe two link sharing options listed below will not be retained due to native OneDrive for Business permissions.

§Anyone with the link

§Anyone at MyCompany with the link

The following error message will appear in the log when file with either of those link sharing are processed:

"Google "with the link" sharing was not processed on object /objectPath, and should therefore be manually recreated post migration."

·Objects in the "Trash"

·Shared Permissions (Google Drive to Office 365 Group Sites only)

·Shared Permissions or meta-data associated with external users will not be retained.

·Starred or Favorite label on content

oThe item can be migrated, however this label is not retained.

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