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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Transfer User Permissions

One of the more common operations for an administrator is to clone or transfer permissions from one user to another. This occurs when users move from one department to another or leave the organization. Security Manager allows users to execute this operation on a site by site basis.

1.Select a site from the Navigation area where the user has permissions.

2.Press the Transfer/Clone Permissions button to activate the window.

3.In the provided window, confirm the Site Address

4.To transfer permissions for a single user enter the Source and Target user accounts.

5.For bulk transfer of user permissions, select the Mass Transfer User Permissions option and the Load a CSV file that contains the source users in the first column and the corresponding target user in the second column.  For example a CSV can be constructed like this:

6.Check off the appropriate options.
Press Finish to begin the operation.

Site Collection Administrators

If you wish to apply the Transfer/Clone permissions function to Site Collection Administrators as well (SharePoint 2010, 2013 only), then the starting URL must be a root site collection or higher.  Also, the account provided to Essentials to use must be a Site Collection Admin itself, Farm Admin if used against a Web Application.

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