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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Restoring Specific Content to a New Place

The following are instructions for restoring specific SharePoint content:

1.Navigate to the backup operation that contains the content you wish to restore. Double click on the list/library where the content resides.
restore backup12

2.The application will display the content in the Contents pane. Select the object(s) ​to restore.
restore backup13

3.Right-click and select the "Restore to new place".
restore item to new place 1

4.In the wizard provide the new site url for the new place where you would like to restore the list or library. Click Connect.
restore to new place 3

5.Enter account credentials for the site url provided above, and click Finish.
restore to new place 4

6.Enter the name of the list where you would like to restore the item.
restore item to new place 2

7.Select the restore settings you would like to apply.

Item Copy Options
restore backup17
Include Permissions - restore permissions for the specific content.
Include All Versions - include all versions  of the specific content.
Include most recent Versions - include only the most recent specified number of versions of the specific content.
Advanced Options
restore backup18
Enable Azure Turbo Mode - When enabled, this option utilizes Microsoft's SharePoint Online Migration API to increase the migration performance and throughput. A recommendation for optimal use of this API is larger sets of data; the more content, the better the throughput. Because this API uses Azure storage as a staging area for the migration, it requires that you provide an Azure storage location. The options are to either utilize Microsoft supplied storage or to provide your own Azure storage location. If you wish to use your own Azure account, you must provide both the Azure Account Name as well as the corresponding Access Key. If you cannot supply this information, please search our online Knowledge Base, User Manual, or contact Support for additional information before proceeding or consider using the Microsoft Supplied Storage option. For more information please see the Azure Turbo Mode section.
Send Notifications - provide an email to which notifications will be sent regarding the progress of the Backup Restore.

7.Once you have configured all of your settings, click Finish to complete the restore.

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