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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Restoring a List/Library from a Specific Backup

The following are instructions for restoring a SharePoint List/Library from a specific backup:

1.Navigate to the backup and select a list or library to restore.

2.You can access the Restore wizard by either right-clicking on the selected site or list and selecting the "Restore" option
restore to new place 2
Or you can access the Restore Wizard by selecting "To Original Location" in the Restore section of the Ribbon.
restore backup3

3.The Restore Backup wizard will now be generated.

4.You can choose from the following configuration options:
List Copy Options
hyper backup 22
Include Permissions - Select this option to copy the content permissions of the content within the list/library.
Include Versions - copy the version of the content included within the list/library. You can specify if you would like to include all versions of the content, or whether you would like to include the most recent number of specified versions of the content.

Include List Permissions - select this option to copy the list/library permissions.

Include List Views - select this option if you would like to copy the number views of the list/library.

Advanced Options
restore backup16

Overwrite if file exists - In a version library, selecting the "Overwrite if File Exists" option does not overwrite the files already in SharePoint. SharePoint will append these to the list as new versions.

Incremental Copy - Incremental or delta migrations are an important and powerful option for large or ongoing projects and migration validation. Once enabled this option will migrate new, modified or versioned content from the source to the destination, capturing changes made by users during the previous migration.
The value entered into the "Last" field will limit the amount of content examined to the time period specified, starting at present time.
To perform an incremental migration, enter the amount of time to include and select the appropriate time period in days, weeks or months. Incremental migration is designed to be used in scenarios where the destination is not being modifed.
To perform a delta migration, enter zero in the field and select days as the time period. Delta migration is designed to be used in scenarios where both the source and destination may be modified during the course of the migration. Please note that a delta migration compares dates between source and destination to determine which content to include, so it will take more time to process than an incremental migration.


NOTE: The Overwrite if File Exists parameter will be disabled if this option is selected.

 Enable Azure Turbo Mode - When enabled, this option utilizes Microsoft's SharePoint Online Migration API to increase the migration performance and throughput. A recommendation for optimal use of this API is larger sets of data; the more content, the better the throughput. Because this API uses Azure storage as a staging area for the migration, it requires that you provide an Azure storage location. The options are to either utilize Microsoft supplied storage or to provide your own Azure storage location. If you wish to use your own Azure account, you must provide both the Azure Account Name as well as the corresponding Access Key. If you cannot supply this information, please search our online Knowledge Base, User Manual, or contact Support for additional information before proceeding or consider using the Microsoft Supplied Storage option. For more information please see the Azure Turbo Mode section.

Send Notifications - provide an email to which notifications will be sent regarding the progress of the Backup Restore.

7.Once you have configured all of your settings, click Finish to complete the restore.


NOTE: By default the restore process will put all the content, metadata, site/list structure, permissions and other supported objects back into the original backup location.

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