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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Nintext Workflow Migration Archive Option

Typically Nintex Workflows are included when the option to Copy Workflows is enabled within Metalogix Essentials, however there are some rare scenarios when this process fails.  If the workflow fails and the error message indicates that it failed due to exporting the workflow, please follow the steps below to migrate this workflow individually.

This process is designed to copy just the workflow and the assumption is that all dependencies are already met in the destination either using the Essentiaals Copy Site/List function or an alternative method.

1.Open the workflow in question through your browser and choose the Export option.  This will create a *.nwf file that should be saved to your local computer.

2.In Essentials, right click on the source site or list in the Navigator pane that is associated to this workflow and choose Objects > Show Workflows.
nintex workflow 2

3.Once all workflows have been loaded, you should see the Workflow that was exported in step 1.  Right click on this workflow and choose "Set Archive file".  Load the exported workflow (*.nwf) from step 1 and after that, the workflow name should be appended with (Archive).

4.Right click the workflow again and choose Copy.
nintex workflow 3

5.Navigate to the destination site or list in the Navigator pane within Essentials, right click on this object and choose Paste.

6.Modify the options as needed and click Finish to begin.

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