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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Memory Management

This section of the Profile Manager contains all the options for managing the Memory Management settings.

In order to access the Memory Management section, do the following:

1.From the Help tab, select Profile Manager.
Profiles and Global Variables 1

2.Within the Profile Manager window, select the Memory Management tab from the left hand menu.
profile manager 19

For an overview of the function, select the Profiles and Global Variables 3 button beside the respective variable.


The amount of memory that is allocated to the software is taken during application startup.  If the configured amount is greater than the amount that is available on the host computer, the application will fail to start.  Please see the following FAQ if you are experiencing this issue:

When viewing the Memory Management screen, Essentials will provide the following information:

Total Memory Detected - This is the total amount of system memory that is available on the host computer.


NOTE: If you are running the 32-bit version of Essentials and have greater than 4GB of total memory on the host computer, the tool will display 4095M + due to native limitations in 32-bit architecture.

Configured Memory - This is the amount that is currently allocated to the application.

Recommended Memory - Based on your host computers architecture, Essentials will make a recommendation to optimize performance.

New Memory Allocation - Select the new amount of memory that you wish to allocate to Essentials from the drop-down list.

After the memory value is modified, the software will need to be restarted so please do not make adjustments if any operations are currently running.


NOTE: if the 32-bit edition is installed, you will receive a notification on the Memory Management page, telling you to upgrade to 64-bit edition to fully utilize your memory resources.

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