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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Interface_Overview - Metalogix Desktop User Manual

The application consists of two primary panes: (1) Navigator, (2) Activities/Contents/Objects Area. A set of wizards is automatically generated when items or objects are tagged, copied or moved. A complete listing and description of these is available in a separate section of the manual (see Wizards for additional information).

An additional method for executing many migration and replication activities is through the use of the Live Compare! feature. Due to the unique set of capabilities, a separate section in the manual is dedicated to this topic (see Live Compare! for additional information).


The picture above represents the default arrangement for these panes.

Note: We have found this to be the ideal configuration, but the individual panes may be rearranged, minimized or maximized.

The following table reviews some of the basic operations that are available from the pane menu bar:


Collapse All

This button is available only in the Navigator pane. Pushing it will collapse and close all open folders.


One Click Contents


Selecting this button will enable one-click open. To fetch the contents of a list, the user must double click on that list. If this button is selected, the same event will be triggered but now simply by single-clicking on it.


Minimize / Maximize


These buttons are available from all the panes. They allow you to minimize/maximize the pane or restore it to its original size.




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