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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Import From SKOS

To import a SKOS file, select the Term Group or Term Set in which the SKOS should be imported into and either right click > Import from SKOS or simply click the Import from SKOS button in the application's ribbon.  Click OK on the confirmation dialog and the import process will begin.  During this process, new objects (term sets and terms) may be created as well as updates to existing elements already within this location, as defined in the SKOS.  The recommendation is to Import to the object that was originally used for Export.  For example, if the SKOS export was created from Term Set "ABC", then the Import from SKOS option should be chosen after selecting Term Set "ABC".  In this example, if the parent Term Group was selected, then the objects in the SKOS will be created one level higher (Terms as Term Sets).

Depending on the size and complexity this process could take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.  A dialog will appear when the file is ready.

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