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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

How to Schedule Incremental Backups for SharePoint

Follow these steps to schedule incremental backups for SharePoint:

1.Go to the Backup tab in the Metalogix Essentials.
schedule backup8

2.Select the Backup Project in the Backup Navigator, right click and choose Update.
schedule backup9

3.Select the type of update you wish to schedule (Full, Incremental or Differential) and then select Schedule this will open the scheduled task window.
Update backup1

4.In the Scheduled Task window, enter a title for the Update Job and select when you would like the it to run. Under advanced settings you can choose to "repeat task every" and then specify the time frame (the time frame options will perform the scheduled task more often than daily with 10 hours as the largest time increment that can be selected). Click Next to proceed.


NOTE: Be cautious to not have the Updates overlap each other or a Full Backup.

Update backup2

5.Set the start time and start date for the update job and click Next.
Update backup3

6.On the summary page review the details of your update job and click Finish to create the Backup job. You may be asked for your windows credentials, enter them and click Ok.
schedule backup4

If the backup job is failing to start at the scheduled day and time, please try the following configuration.

1.In Windows Task Scheduler, right click on the Backup Job and choose Properties.
schedule backup5

2.Uncheck the box for ‘Do not store password’ and Check the box for ‘Run with highest privileges’.  


NOTE: Be cautious to not have the Updates overlap each other or a Full Backup.

schedule backup6

3.After clicking OK you will be prompted for the password of the Admin account you created the backup with and click Ok.  


NOTE: The username and password will be a Domain or Local Username and Password that you are logged into the machine as.  This will not be an O365 email and password even if that is what you are backing up.

schedule backup7

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