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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Google Group Mapping

When migrating from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business it may be necessary to re-map your Google based groups into existing Office 365 groups.

This may be necessary when you have a group on your Google document that you want to translate into another group in your Office 365 environment.

1.In your Google Drive, open the 'share' pane of the file that you want to map the group from.
As is shown in the image above, "" is the group. When migrating this into OneDrive, it will become "EDI At".

2.Find the Group that you want to map this Google Drive group to in Sharepoint. On this screen, copy the Account for the group that you want to map into within OneDrive.

3.Make a new entry in your User Mapping file for the Group.

As you can see, use the information from the Google side on the leftmost column and use the information from your SharePoint side on the rightmost column. When you use this mapping file, your group should map from Google Drive to an existing group in OneDrive.


NOTE: When creating your mapping you can use full group names and domains (,groupname) or you can simply set it up using the group name without the domain (edi,groupname)

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