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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

General Workflow Objects

Nintex workflow action contains many objects that are required to ensure they operate as designed.  These additional objects are:




When migrating to SharePoint Online, it is extremely important to understand that not all of these additional objects are currently supported or have an equivalent in their online action.

Please review the sections below to learn more about these objects.  Please note that all Nintex workflows need to be evaluated both pre and post migration to ensure they are operating successfully.  Do not assume that all workflows will migrate an operation as expected, as some may require manual intervention.


On-premises Labels

Online Labels

Action Title

Action Title

Left Title

No online equivalent

Right Title

No online equivalent

Bottom Title

No online equivalent


On-premises Lookups

Online Lookups

Library: Form Templates

Cannot be selected in online

Library: Style Library

Cannot be seleced in online

Lookup: User Profiles

No online equivalent

Lookup: Workflow Constants

No online equivalent

Condition: Modified in a specific date span

No online equivalent

Condition: Person is a valid SharePoint user

No online equivalent

Condition: Created in a specific date span

No online equivalent

Condition: The file size in a specific range kilobytes

No online equivalent

Variable: List Item ID

No online equivalent

Variable: Action ID

No online equivalent

Inserted References

Advanced Lookups:  Please review your workflows carefully as there are several which do not have an online equivalent.


There are several "value"s parameters in on-premises actions that allow rich text input and these are stored as encoded HTML characters within the actions themselves.  When converted to their online equivalent actions, there are occasions where the "value" field does not allow for rich text and in these cases the HTML encoding may remain.  For example, in some online action parameters you may see HTML encoding that looks like  .  These are not removed because the logic is unable to determine if this value was deliberately used in the source action configuration or it is simply an artifact so to err on the side of caution, they will be left as-is.

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