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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

File Manager

Metalogix Essentials File Manager is designed to enhance and simplify the interaction between SharePoint and File Systems. SharePoint already provides basic functionality to load a single or multiple files. However, there are many gaps in that functionality that Metalogix Essentials File Manager fulfills including the ability to Load and Download (off board) content with metadata. Here is a sampling of these features:

·Uploading Content

oAbility to set metadata as part of the loading process.

oAbility to extract metadata from file system folders and assign them to SharePoint metadata.

oAbility to retain or unwind the folder structure in SharePoint.

oAbility to retain the core properties such as created/modified by and created/modified at.

oLoad files and metadata using a spreadsheet (CSV).

oAuto-creation of CSV for loading based on content in the file systems.

oAbility to load files with pseudo-versioning to SharePoint versions.

·Downloading Content (Off boarding)

oAbility to download content from sites, sub-sites and libraries into the File System with metadata stored in CSV files.

oAbility to Load downloaded content back into SharePoint.

oAbility to retain pseudo-versions in File Systems.

oAbility to remove downloaded content.

oAbility to copy NTFS file system folder permissions.

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