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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Dropbox Business - Access Token

In order for the software to access and migrate content from all users' Dropbox Business drives, you will need to generate and supply an Access Token which grants access to the Dropbox Business API.

To generate your Dropbox Business Access Token, please perform the following steps:

1.Login to using your Team Admin account.

2.Go to the My apps section and click Create App
copy dropbox to onedrive access 01

3.On the new app creation page, select the following options

§Choose an API:  Dropbox Business API

§Choose the type of access you need:  Team member file access

§Name your app:  enter any name

Click Create App.
copy dropbox to onedrive access 02

4.When the app is created, it should open the App Settings page.  If it does not, return back to the My apps section and open this newly created app and click on the Settings tab.

5.Locate the "Generated access token" option and click the Generate button.
copy dropbox to onedrive access 03

6.Copy the access token that appears to a file for safe keeping.  This token is required for connection.

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