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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide


This area will display Content Types, Columns and Lists that are enabled for viewing.

You may select and drag one or more content types, columns and lists inside the diagram. If you select an individual object, its properties will be displayed in the Property tab in the Properties and Information area (4) of the interface.
architect diagram 2

Object specific menus can be accessed by right-clicking a specific object (or from the Diagram Menu and Diagram Menu Bar at the top of the page).
architect diagram 3

An overview of the commonly used features from these menus is provided below.

Menu Option



Selecting this option will identify and highlight the corresponding object in the Navigator Pane.

architect diagram 4

Selecting this option will find all instances of the object and provide the search results in the Properties portion of the screen, in a newly opened "search" tab.


Selecting this option allows the user to document information about the selected object.


Selecting this option can save the selected object(s) to an image file (e.g... jpg, gif, etc) or send to a printer.

architect diagram 5

Selecting his option will remove the object from the diagram.

architect diagram 6

Selecting this option will remove the object from SharePoint.

architect diagram 7

Selecting this option will allow you to format the look of the object within the diagram.


The Arrange option is available either from the main menu or the Format sub-menu. It can be particularly useful to auto organize the entire diagram or a set of objects.

architect diagram 8

Selecting this option will open up the Properties view for the selected object within the Properties portion of the screen.

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