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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Creating Lists/Libraries

Lists and Libraries are used by SharePoint to organize and manage content. Based on the type of List, SharePoint creates specific metadata. This metadata may be expanded and altered. Essentials Architect Suite for SharePoint can be used to create and maintain lists and their metadata. Unlike other objects, a list must be created in SharePoint immediately.


NOTE: Each list is based on a template stored in SharePoint and you must therefore be online in order to complete this action.

Here is the process for creating Lists:

1.Click on the List entity in the Palette.
architect content type 5

2.Click in the area of the diagram where the List will be placed. This will display the Create List Wizard window.


NOTE: If the List option is not available in the palette, enable All Lists from the View menu.

architect list or library 1

3.Enter a name and select the appropriate template from the list.

4.Press Finish to create the List.

5.Select "Inheritance" from the Entities section of the palette.
architect content type 3

6.Click the mouse on the new content type and without releasing, drag the arrow to the parent type to create an association.
architect content type 4

Essentials Architect Suite imposes specific limitations on lists to comply with SharePoint behavior. Here is what you can and cannot do:

·You can drag-n-drop any existing content type or column into the list.


NOTE: The "Enable Content Types" property will be automatically set to "Yes" for when a non-default content type is added to a list or library.

·You cannot remove or modify some reserved content types and columns (e.g.. Folder Content Type, Document Created By column).

·You can remove or modify non-reserved content types and columns.

·You cannot create a new content type within a list.

·You can create a new column within a list.

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