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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

CopyWorkflows Parameters

The following are parameters for the -cmd CopyWorkflows command

Using this command you can copy Workflows

-usermapping [path]

path to the CSV file with users mapping to the copy operation


also copy the Workflows of Subsite


also copy the Workflows of Lists


convert to Workflow 2013 Platform


metavis -cmd copyworkflows -srcsite http://host/site -srcuser DOMAIN\user -srcpass passwd -trgtsite http://host/site2 -trgtuser DOMAIN\user -trgtpass passwd -usermapping path/file.csv -convert

metavis -cmd copyworkflows -srcsite http://host/site -srclist SourceList -srcuser DOMAIN\user -srcpass passwd -trgtsite http://host/site2 -trgtlist TargetList -trgtuser DOMAIN\user -trgtpass passwd

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