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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

CopySite Parameters

The following are parameters for the -cmd CopySite command


copy site as new site

-asnewsitecollection [url]

copy site as new site collection


copy site with subsites


copy site permissions


copy site groups


copy site webparts


copy site collection features


copy site features


copy all content types


copy all lists


copy list content


copy list history


overwrite sites behavior on the target


copy list permissions


copy list views


copy list templates

-rootname [name]

new name for the target site

-copythreads [number]

number of parallel threads for copy

-usermapping [path]

path to the CSV file with user mapping to the copy operation

-templatemapping [path]

path to the CSV file with templates mapping

-centraladminurl [url]

URL of Central Administration

-farmadmin [user]

farm admin user name

-farmadminpassword [password]

farm admin password

-farmadminepassword [password]

farm admin encrypted password


copy page layouts gallery


copy master page gallery


copy look&feel options:


all copy - all following pages

title - copy title, description, icon

navigation - copy navigation

treeview - copy tree view

sitetheme - copy site theme

linkbar - copy top link bar

launch - copy quick launch

layouts - copy layouts and site templates

master - copy master settings

welcome - copy welcome page


copy Sharepoint designer objects


copy site home page


copy site workflows


copy workflows


copy InfoPath forms



metavis -cmd copysite -srcsite http://host/site -trgtsite http://host/site2 -rootname newsite -asnewsite -copysubsites -copypermissions -copywebparts -copycollectionfeatures -copyfeatures -copycontenttypes -copylists -copylistcontent -copylisthistory -copylistpermissions -copylistviews -copylisttemplates -usermapping path/file.csv -templatemapping path/file.csv -log output.log

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