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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Copy/Merge/Reorganize Term Store Objects

Users of Term Store Manager can copy the entire term store or granular objects between different SharePoint farms

To copy and paste Terms, Term Sets, and Term Groups:

1.Connect to the Term Store using the procedure from "Connect/View Term Store".

2.Highlight the item you would like to copy and right click on it.  In this example, the Term "Lighting" is being copied from the "Production Category" Term Set.

3.The right click menu will appear, select 'Copy'.

4.For the paste operation, users should right click on the container above the original item being copied.  For instance, in order to copy the Term "Lighting" into a Term Set "Production Category", users should right click on "Production Category" and select 'Paste Term(s)'.  

5.Once 'Paste Term(s)' is selected a copy confirmation window will appear.  

6.Checkbox options are available before clicking 'Finish'.  The 'Copy With Children' checkbox will copy any child terms along with your selected item.  The "Merge" checkbox will merge term store objects (the source object will overwrite the target in the event of a conflict).  

7.Once appropriate options are selected, click 'Finish".

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