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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Backup Project Conversion

Due to a significant update made to improve performance, the format in which the backup projects are stored may need to be changed as well.  Any Backup projects created prior to the December 21, 2015 version will have the option to be converted.  This is an optional, one time, operation and any project already converted or any new project created after will be stored in the newer format and therefore the conversion will not be necessary.

The conversion process is fully automated and very simple to accomplish following the steps below.  Please allow adequate time for the process to complete before you continue using the software.  Depending on the size of the backup project, this process may take anywhere from several minutes to hours to conclude.

1.Update to the latest version of the software by going to the Help tab in Essentials, and selecting Check for Updates.
backup project conversion1

2.Determine which Backup projects need to be converted.  You can simply select the Backup project from the Backup Navigator pane, right click and choose Update or select the update button from the Backup Navigator pane.
backup project conversion2

3.When the Update Backup wizard appears, a message will appear if a conversion is available.

4.(Optional but recommended) Before you convert the project, select your Backup project that you wish to convert from the Backup Navigator and choose the Export option.  This will export your backup project in its current format to another location (for an overview on how to perform an export and import of a backup please see the Import/Export Backup Archives sections).  If anything should happen during the conversion process you can Import your project back into the software and try again.  If you receive any error messages during the Export process, please contact support before proceeding.

5.To convert your backup project, select the project in the Backup Navigator pane, right click and choose the option “Convert to New Version Project”.  If the option is not present, then the project is already stored in the new format and therefore does not need conversion.

6.Click OK on the confirmation dialog pop-up in order to begin the conversion. Depending on the amount of content in the project, this process may take a few minutes to several hours to complete.  During the conversion process, please do not create any new backups.
backup project conversion3

7.Once it is done, click OK on the confirmation dialog and restart the software to finish the procedure.

8.Repeat this process for each Backup Project that you would like to convert.

If you receive any error messages or would just like some assistance, please contact support.


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