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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Azure Turbo Mode

The Migration API uses Azure Storage as the “middle man” to stage content and process queues before it makes it to Office 365. As a result this is where Essentials will need to upload your content.  In order to upload your content to Azure Storage, and use Azure Turbo Mode you will need to provide Essentials with your Azure Storage account name and the key associated to it.




·Only Standard Storage Accounts are supported for this operation.

·Minimum recommendations would be a quad core CPU, 8GB of available memory (Memory Management), 20GB of local hard drive space and as fast an upload speed as possible.  Limiting any of these components can decrease the performance drastically.

If you are creating a new Azure Storage account, consider picking the geographical location closest to where your tenant physically resides.  The closer the Azure Storage data center is located to your Office 365 tenant's data center, the faster the transfer will be between the two.

To locate your Azure Storage Name and Access Key:

1.Login to your Azure Management Portal at

2.From the left navigator bar, select the option labeled Storage.

3.Select the Storage Account name from the available list that you wish to use for Azure Turbo and then choose “Manage Access Keys” from the bottom menu.  If there are no storage accounts available or you would like to create one, click the New button displayed below the left navigator bar.  For more information about how to create or manage Azure Storage Accounts, please see the following link:

4.From the Manage Access Keys window, you will want to copy the “Storage Account Name” and at least the “Primary Access Key” value to a text file for safe keeping.  These two values will need to be provided to Essentials in order to successfully use the Azure Turbo Mode option.

5.After these values have been saved to a file, you may log out of your Azure Management Portal.

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