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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Analyze Google Drive

This option allows administrators to analyze content from Google Drives. This includes the number of folders, sub folders, and files for each user selected to be analyzed in the report. The report will also categorize the user's priority by their account size.


NOTE: If you have not already performed the prerequisite steps in Google, please go to this section first.  Once the prerequisite configuration is complete, return here to continue with the migration.

This operation has the following requirements for use:

·The Google Drive pre-requisites must be configured successfully prior to the migration.

·The account used to perform the analysis needs to be a Global Administrator in this Office 365 tenant.

To analyze the content of your Google Drives, perform the following:

1.On the Drives tab click Copy Google Drive and select "Analyze Google Drive".
Analyze google drive1
The Analyze Google wizard opens.

2.Provide your Google Admin login, P12 Key File and Service Account in the Google connection parameters area. This information is gathered directly from your Google environment, so if you have not already please refer to this section for the required steps.  Once the values are entered, click Connect.  If you receive any message other than Successfully connected to Google Drive, double check the prerequisite steps and then entered values.  If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Support for assistance.
Analyze google drive2

3.Click Load from Google Drive to load a list of available Google Drive accounts from your environment.


NOTE: For a large number of Google Drives (>1000), the Load from Google option may take several minutes to complete.

copy google to microsoft teams04

4. Click the Select button to specify a location and a name for this report.
analyze dropbox4

5.Click Finish to begin the analysis.

Please visit the following link to view the list of unsupported Google Drive objects.

Please visit the following link for an overview on how to script and schedule jobs such as Analyzing Google Drive, and Copying Google Drives.

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