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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.4 - Advanced Installation Guide

Analyze Box

This option allows Essentials to analyze Box, creating a report that provides an overview of the number of folders, subfolders, and files contained in each selected user's account. The report then rates the priority of each account by it's size. 


NOTE: if you attempt to connect or open a Box drive through the software and it does not respond, please review the section Alternate Framework.

This operation has the following requirements for use:

·The account used to perform the migration from Box needs to have Full Enterprise Admin access to the Box tenant.

Once the requirements above are satisfied, you can proceed with your Box analysis.

1.On the Drives tab, Click the Copy Box button, and select "Analyze Box".
copy box 1

2.When the wizard appears, enter the username of your Box Administrator and click Connect.
Analyze box 1

3.When the Connect to Box popup appears, enter the Admin account's password and click ConnectYou will return back to the migration configuration where a "Successfully connected to Box" message will appear.
copy box to sharepoint3


NOTE: If you attempt to connect or open a Box drive through the software and it does not respond, you may require an alternate framework. Please review the section Alternate Framework for instructions on how to install the alternate framework.

4.Click the Load from Box button to load in a list of available Box drives to include with this analysis.  For performance reasons, if you have a large number of Box drives in your tenant you may wish to create a single column CSV file with the user accounts and choose the option Load from CSV instead.  Select the Box drives that you wish to include with this migration.
Analyze box 2

5.Select a location and name for the report.
Analyze box 3

6.Click Finish to begin the analysis. This will open a progress bar window.

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