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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Template Mapping

When moving Sites or Lists there is occasionally a need to change the underlying template for these objects.  Some examples of these use cases are moving to a different version of SharePoint where a template may  have been deprecated or simply trying to remove custom templates to reduce complexity.  The application contains an option to do this in Advanced Option.

1.Generate a Site and List Templates Report from the source site and target site.

2. In Microsoft Excel (or any text editor) copy all or some of the templates from the source site into the first column.


NOTE: Reports provide both the template name and the id. For the mapping table, only the id should be entered.

3.For any template that requires a different type in the target site, enter or copy the name of that template to the column on the right.

4. Save this file (in a .csv format) and load it when copying a list or a site to perform this transformation.

Click here to download an example template mapping file.


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