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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Reprocess Failed Items


NOTE: This feature is only available for File Share and SharePoint use.

This feature enables users to save a special CSV log file which contains only items that have encountered errors and failed during a copy operation.  Once the errors are corrected, the CSV file containing those files can be reprocessed successfully.

1.Once a copy operation has completed, click View log.

2.Save the special CSV file by clicking Reprocess Failed Items.
user logs 5

3.Correct the errors which caused the items to fail during the initial copy operation.

4.Back in the Navigator, right click on your target site and choose "Use CSV to" and then select "Upload/Copy Content" to re-copy the files contained in the CSV.
reprocess 2

5. In the Upload or copy content using CSV window, enter the path to the CSV file.  Select the items to be copied and click Finish.
reprocess 3

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