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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Nintex Workflow Migration

Nintex Workflows are included when the option to Copy Workflows (Site or List) is enabled within Metalogix Essentials. The Copy Workflows option is available on the Properties page of most wizards.
nintex workflow 1

Or you can select any site or list that has a workflow associated to it, right click and select Object > Show Workflows.  From the Workflows view, you may select one or more workflows and copy/paste them to the destination location.  This process of copying one or more workflows does not include the workflow dependencies, so this method is recommended in situations only when all dependencies already exist in the destination and only the workflow and its components need to be migrated.
nintex workflow 2

Before you begin with an on-premise Nintex Workflow migration, please review the following requirements:

·The Nintex workflow solution must be installed, configured and working on the destination SharePoint environment prior to any migration.  If a Nintex workflow cannot be successfully created manually in the destination, then do not attempt to migrate them until this is resolved.

·If the Nintex workflow is migrated as part of a List Copy, please note that workflow dependencies will not be migrated.  Please make sure all dependencies already exist in the destination prior to the migration or copy of the workflow as part of a Site Copy operation.

·In progress workflow status, workflow history, and metadata are not currently supported.

·Not all Nintex workflow actions are available when migrating to newer versions, so please make sure you check with Nintex first if you believe an action is not supported.

Archive Option

Typically Nintex Workflows are included when the option to Copy Workflows is enabled within Metalogix Essentials, however there are some rare scenarios when this process fails.  If the workflow fails and the error message indicates that it failed due to exporting the workflow, please follow the steps detailed in the Nintex Workflow Archive Option section.

Nintex Workflow Migration to SharePoint Online

Nintex Workflow migrations to SharePoint Online (Office 365) are more specialized than those being migrated on-premises.  For additional information, please visit the Nintex Workflow Migration to SharePoint Online section.

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