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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Monitoring Azure Turbo Migration

To see more information about the queued jobs, their status, GUIDs, results, and more, simply select the destination SharePoint Online site from the Navigator tree, right click and select Open Azure Turbo Queue.
azure turbo mode 7

The Azure Turbo Queue perspective options in Essentials allows you to see a wealth of information related to each job that is in the queue. Here you can sort the jobs by each column, or you can simply use the "search by GUID" bar to easily navigate to a specific Azure Turbo job.


NOTE: If you do not see any jobs then either they have not been queued yet (it can take anywhere from 2 to 5+ minutes for the first job to be queued) or you need to refresh the list since it has not done so in real time.


As jobs complete (and their status reloads), the status will change from Queued to Processing to Completed.


NOTE: Job Status is not updated in real time, so you should select one or more jobs and choose the option "Reload Job Status" to view the current state.

Once it reaches the Completed state, the content should now have been migrated to SharePoint Online.  

For additional log details, select this or any completed job and choose the option View Job Log.

This will open the log file that the Migration API generated,, which includes a very detailed report pertaining to this operation.  
azure turbo mode 8

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