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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Creating an Office 365 Group Backup

Metalogix Backup supports the ability to create a backup of any single, or all, Office 365 Group sites:

1.Press the "To Local Storage" or the "To Cloud Storage" button located in the ribbon. This will generate the Backup Properties screen.
Online Mailbox Backup1

2.Enter a project name for your Backup, this name will be displayed in the Backup Navigator.
Online Mailbox Backup2

3.Under the Connection section of the wizard, select "Office 365 Groups" as your Service type.
Online Mailbox Backup3

4.Enter your Global Administrator username and click the Connect button.
Online Mailbox Backup4

5.When prompted, enter your Global Administrator password and click Connect.


NOTE: To backup all Office 365 Group sites you will need to enter your Office 365 Global Administrator login and password.  Please note that this Admin user account must have an Exchange Online license assigned to it in order to be successful.

6.You can now select the the Office 365 Groups you wish to backup by either loading a CSV with a list of sites by clicking Load from CSV, or Selecting from your available Office 365 sites by clicking Select from Office 365.
Online Mailbox Backup5

7.Choose your desired Backup, Retention, and Location options  (Note: a location must be specified in order to continue) and click Finish to begin. For more information about the Backup and Retention options available see the Creating a Full Backup section, for information on how to connect to Cloud storage, see the Connecting to Cloud Storage section.
Online Mailbox Backup6

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