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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Contents_Area__Copy - Metalogix Desktop User Manual

The Content area displays the actual data inside a list or library. In addition to navigation the user can create, delete, classify and drag and drop content in bulk from this window contentsarea

·In order to select (or unselect) multiple items located directly below each other, click on the first item and then holding the SHIFT key, click on the last item. All the files located between the two items will be highlighted.

·In order to select (or unselect) multiple items which are not located next to each other, hold down the CTRL key and select individual files.

Located in the top left-hand corner is a breadcrumb definition of the list or library, whose files are represented in the window. The top right corner contains a set of icons that represent available activities for the user. Most of these options can be exposed by right-clicking on items inside the window. The list of available activities will depend on what is selected or not selected in the window.

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