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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

ConnectToSite Parameters

The following are parameters for the -cmd ConnectToSite command

-projectName [project]

specifies a name for this new project.


specifies the type of project. Options include:
SP_SITE - SharePoint Site

SP_FARM - SharePoint Farm

OFFICE_365_TENANT - Office 365 Tenant

ONE_DRIVE - OneDrive for Business

OFFICE_365_SITES - Office 365 Sites


specifies what options to include with the initial project connection.  Options include:                                                          FirstLevelSubSites - list of sub-sites only AllSubSitesWithoutObjects - all sub-sites but no lists (slower)AllSubSitesAndObjects - all sub-sites and their lists (slowest)

SubsitesHierarchy - list of sub-site heirarchy

NoObjectsNoSubsites - list of sites, no subsites or lists

RefreshSite - refresh the site


alternative mapping URL(with port) for farm web application, or "office365" for Office 365 Tenant or "onedrive" for OneDrive for Business project.


metavis -cmd connecttosite -srcsite http://host/site -srcuser -srcepass password -projectName "mySite" -projectType SP_SITE -kindOfDownload FirstLevelSubsites

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