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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Box - Permissions and Mapping

Due to the differences between permissions in Box versus those in OneDrive for Business, the following permission mapping is performed during the migration.  If you wish to not include permissions, simply deselect the Copy Permissions option during configuration.

By Default, The "Copy Permissions" option only migrates Collaborators' permissions assigned to Box Folders. Files that are migrated to OneDrive for Business will inherit permissions from the folder that they reside in; linked and/or shared file permissions will not be retained.

However, you can include file level permissions by enabling the option in the Profile Manager.
Navigate to the Help tab, select Profile Manager, Box Options, and then select Copy File Level Permissions.
file level permissions

This option will allow you to copy file level permissions from the source account to Office 365 Locations. In order to do this, the above checkbox must be enabled and the Copy Permissions option must be enabled in the copy wizard.


NOTE: The Copy File Level Permissions option will not work, even if it is enabled in Profile Manager, when the Copy Permissions option is disabled in the copy wizard.

Box Access Level

OneDrive for Business Permission Level




View Only



Viewer Uploader (note 1)


Previewer Uploader (note 1)





Full Control


Full Control


NOTE: Viewer Uploader/Previewer Uploader -  Please note that the "Contribute" permission level in OneDrive for Business grants the user or group the ability to Delete whereas in Box this is not allowed.

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