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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Backup Search

In order to search for content within a backup project or a specific snapshot (Exchange Online backup search coming soon) two options are provided, Quick Search and Advanced Search.  
To use either search mode first begin by selecting the location in the Backup Navigator for which to perform the search.  This location may either be an entire backup project or a specific snapshot from within a project.  Once this location is selected, enter the search value into the Quick Search entry field or select Advanced Search from the context menu.

Quick Search is located in the toolbar above the Backup Navigator (using the default layout) and provides a quick, easy method to locate a file based on its file name.  Using Quick Search you can define the exact file name "Important Document - Do not delete", partial file name "Important Document" or use wildcards (*) "*Do not delete*".
backup search2

Advanced Search is located by right clicking on a selected backup project and selecting Advanced Search.
backup search3
Advanced Search offers additional metadata properties (names, dates) and conditions (before, after, contains, etc.) to more easily locate specific objects based on these advanced parameters.
backup search4

Search Results

The search results will appear in the Search Results tab, located in the same section as the Backup Navigator, where all occurrences of the objects will be presented as well as the location in which they were found.  
backup search1

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