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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Azure Turbo Mode Encryption Option

By default, the content, manifest and log files associated to all Azure Turbo packages are stored in an unencrypted format within your Azure storage containers. The upload and transmission of this data is performed over a secure connection, however the data at rest is not encrypted.

There may be situations, regulations, or any number of reasons why you would like to increase the security around your Azure content by adding another layer of protection.  For this purpose we now offer the ability to add encryption to your Azure Turbo upload - the encryption will apply to all content within your Azure containers including the content, all manifest files, and any logs that are generated.

In order to enable Azure Turbo Mode Encryption do the following:

1.Please be sure that no operations are currently in progress as the software will require a restart to complete.

2.Navigate to the Help tab, and select Profile Manager.
Azure Turbo Mode 14

3.Select Global Variables from the left hand tab of the Profile Manager window.
Azure Turbo Mode 15

4.Scroll down to the Advanced Options section located at the bottom.  Click the check box located to the right of the "Encryption Azure" field, then click Apply.


NOTE: If you do not see this Encryption option in the list, please refer to the Alternate Framework section before you continue.

Azure Turbo Mode 16

5.Close the Profile Manager Window. Restart the Essentials Application. After the software is restarted, you may proceed with your Azure Turbo based migration.

If you would like to verify the encryption, after any encrypted Azure Turbo migration has completed, connect to your Azure storage using your software of choice (i.e. Azure Explorer) and attempt to open any of your encrypted objects.

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