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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Supported Specification for Essentials Azure Turbo Mode

Essentials' Azure Turbo Mode utilizes Microsoft API, as Microsoft updates the API for both optimization as well as additional support, so too will Essentials be updated.

Currently supported and required:

·Azure Storage Account

oAn Azure Storage Account of your own is required.  If you already have a subscription then you can utilize it, however if you do not this may require an additional license that would be purchased from Microsoft.  Some Office 365 plans include Azure Storage, so check with your Plan or IT manager first.

oAs of the October 31, 2016 release, you may now choose between using your own Azure Provided Storage for this use or Microsoft's Provided Storage.  Please refer to this page for more information: Microsoft vs User Provided Storage.

·Content Only (but the rest still migrates too)

oThe SharePoint Online Migration API at this time is designed to handle content and content related attributes (metadata and item permissions) only.  Site creation, permissions, views, workflows, content types and countless other objects that makeup SharePoint will still be created using a number of other available APIs outside of this new functionality.  This means you should not expect to see an increase in performance around these other objects, but they will still be migrated the same as they were before or without the Azure Turbo Mode option.

·Queue Times and Processing

oWe don’t control the process, order or operation of the Azure queue.  Once Essentials submits the job to the queue, it has been completely handed over to the Microsoft function and we no longer have any ability to predict the order or processing times of any job.  In fact, once the Essentials log appears letting you know they have been queued, you can shut down our application and the queue will still process in Azure.  This means the job may immediately be picked up and processed or it may sit and wait for its turn before beginning (could be minutes or hours).

·File Size Limitation

oAt present the SharePoint Online Migration API only supports files up to 2GB in size.

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