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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Save/Load Templates

Information Manager provides the ability to save a set of classification parameters as a template to be re-used in the future. This is particularly helpful with redundant tagging operations where the metadata values are used over and over again. Templates are stored on your local machine.

To save a template:

1.Select the appropriate content type and enter values or mapping into the provided fields.

2.Press the Save Template button in the Ribbon.

3.A window will be generated asking you to download the template.

4.Press Download and then Save when prompted.

5.Enter a location on your system where the templates can be saved and retrieved

To load a template:

1.Press the Load Template button in the Ribbon.  A window will be generated asking you to select a file.

2.Press the Browse button and navigate to your saved template.

3.Press OK to continue

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