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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Running_an_Activity_for_Different_Source_and_Target_Sites - Metalogix Desktop User Manual

Occasionally the same activity needs to be run repeatedly for multiple targets and sources. There are two ways to accomplish this in Change Manager. A spreadsheet (.csv) may be used to itemize source and/or target sites and then imported directly into the Activity. The activity may then be scheduled and run as any other, but the source and/or target environments will be obtained from the imported CSV. This functionality is described in this section.

Alternatively, an activity may be run immediately with a user created .csv spreadsheet. This functionality is discussed in the Run Now Using CSV section.

The feature can be added or modified in two places. During Activity creation a Use CSV to Run Activity option is available. In addition the same option is available from the Properties screen.

STEP 1.  Select the Use CSV to Run Activity option.

STEP 2.  A drop-down box will be enabled allowing the user to select an existing imported CSV. You have three options here. You may select a list and continue. You may add a new CSV list or select a list and edit the settings.

STEP 3.  If Add or Edit is selected a window similar to the one shown here will be displayed. When creating a new CSV import, enter a name to identify the selection.

STEP 4.  Press the - button and select the location of your CSV file. A list will be imported and shown below.

STEP 5.  Check-off the rows containing sites that should be included.

STEP 6.  If a single column of URLs is loaded, you must also select whether the loaded list should be used for source or target sites.

STEP 7.  Select the "Prompt for login if unable to connect to site" to pause a running activity when the system is unable to connect to a specified site. If this option is not checked, the system will automatically continue on to the next site and log an error.

STEP 8.  Finally press Save button to commit the changes (or Delete to remove the entire CSV list).


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