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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Load Data

After the data collection process has been completed, the Administrator Reports area should automatically populate with the first report.  If you wish to load any other data into the reports area do the following:

1.In the Navigator pane, expand the Administrator project that you wish to load.
load data 1

2.Select and then double click the specific location you wish to load.  This could be the first level folder (if the collection included multiple site collections or OneDrives) or you could navigate lower to any site, list or OneDrive beneath that first level.

3.The first report will load into the Reports Area.


NOTE: this may take a few seconds or longer depending on the amount of data that was collected.


To configure how the data is displayed, there is a menu of options on the right hand side of the top toolbar.


NOTE: not all views are available for each report.  Refer to the Reports section below for additional information and availability.

load data 4

load data 2 Sub-site data:  A toggle used to include or exclude the sub-site data from the reports.

load data 3 All Data Points:  This generates a bar graph visualization that includes all data points.

load data 5  Top 10 Data Points:  This generates a pie chart visualization that includes the Top 10 data points.

load data 6 Trending Data:  This generates a line graph used for displaying trending data.

The Analysis section can also be tailored to the specific data that you wish to display.  For example, if you are viewing the Documents Extensions report and wish to see the breakdown of all *.doc files, select this portion from the graph and the Analysis will update to show only the information about those documents.

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