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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Importing Alerts

The relative location of the alert is defined in the CSV file and should match the target site and list structure. Be sure to review this file in Excel (or another editor) and verify that the target site/list structure matches the source, if it does not then update the CSV accordingly.

Since certain alerts are designed to notify users each time content is created or updated, it is recommended that importing of alerts should be done after the migration process is complete.  Otherwise users can potentially be overloaded by notifications.

The Alerts Copy option is disabled by default to reduce confusion.  To enable this feature do the following:

1.Navigate to Help tab, select Profile Manager.
Migrator copy alerts 1

2.Within the profile manager window, go to the Global Variables tab. Set the "Enable Copy Alerts" setting to "True".
Migrator copy alerts 2

The advised method for importing alerts is post-migration.  To do this follow these steps:  

1.Locate and right click on the target Site/Site Collection in the Navigation Pane.

2.Select the Use CSV to...> Import Alerts.

3.In the provided window, select the File Location for the CSV file.

4.Select the source site from which the Alerts will be copied and follow the wizard for more options.

5.Press Finish to start the import process.

Alternatively, the Import Alerts function can be combined with a site copy.​

1.​Follow the standard Copy Site process.

2.From Advanced Options area select Import Alerts from CSV.

3.Press the Load button next to the option and select the CSV file.

4.Follow the remainder of the Site Copy process to begin the import.

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