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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Grant Permissions

The application allows administrators to grant specific permissions for user(s) and group(s). This operation can be executed for one or more sites, lists or list items.

1.For lists and sites, make the appropriate selection from the Navigation area.


NOTE: For items, click on the list or library, right click and select "View Contents". The items will appear in the "Contents" pane. From there select the appropriate item, right click again, and click on "Show Permissions".

2.Press the Create/Grant button and select the Grant Permissions option.

3.In the provided window select or enter a list of users and/or groups to whom the permissions will be assigned.

4.If the Permissions are to be assigned to a SharePoint Group, select the group from the "Add users to SharePoint group" section. If the permission are to be granted directly, check off the "Grant user permissions directly" radio button and select from the list of provided permission levels.

5.Press Finish to begin the operation.


NOTE: Check the "Add to Sub-Objects" option to propogate the permission to any objects below the selected one (e.g. subsites, lists, folder, etc) that have a broken inheritance.


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