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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

ExportingImporting_Activities - Metalogix Desktop User Manual

Change Manager has the ability to export/import activities and groups so that they may be shared amongst users. As an example a developer may create a set of activities to push changes from a development environment to a staging location. Those same activities can then be exported and sent to an administrator for distribution to production.


Exporting Activities/Groups

1.STEP 1.  Select one or more activities or activity groups in the Activity View window.

2.STEP 2.  Select the Export image190 option from the Ribbon or right-click menu.

3.STEP 3.  In the provided dialogue box, enter a file location and name to use for the export and press the Save button to complete the operation


Importing Activities/Groups

There are two option for importing activities, import and import into. Import image192 will place the activities in the root location, while Import Into image194 will place the activities under the selected activity.

1.If using the Import Into option, select the parent activity.

2.Select the Import or Import Into option from the Ribbon or right-click menu. The Import Activities Window will be opened.

3.In the File Location field select the export file. The exported activities will be loaded into the screen.

4.Check-off the rows containing activities that should be included in the import.

5.Press Check Connection button to verify that connectivity exists for all sites used by the activities.

6.Press Finish to complete the import.

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