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Metalogix Essentials for Office 365 2.2.3 - Advanced Installation Guide

Collateral to Send to Support

Good collateral is essential in pinpointing issues and providing resolutions or workarounds.  Here are some example of information provided to us by customers:

·Screenshots - it is almost always easier to diagnose issues and collect information using pictures. Please try to send several screenshots with relevant data along with other logs.

·Log Files - we collect two types of logs, user logs and systems logs.

oUser Logs are generated with most operations and are displayed in the Log Viewer. All (or specific) items in the log can be selected and saved on your computer for later use.

oSystem Logs are generated behind the scenes and contain internal information that is intended for our engineering team. Besides standard system logging, there is also Debug Mode logging which collects significantly more information.


NOTE: when sending logs to us, these logs may contain sensitive information like URLs, file names, user accounts and connection passwords (encrypted by default).  If necessary, review all logs before sending them with your support ticket.

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